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It all started with a cup of coffee.

ArcheMedic Solutions LLC is a limited liability corporation established in 2020.  Stephen Porter and Harry Ryan are the Co-Founders. Their passions have given fruition to an organization focused on their desire to give back.


Our Story

Harry Ryan received a US Patent on October 9, 2018 for "cold-to-hot", on demand tankless heat exchange of a stored liquid" in the category of coffee and tea; this invention, in collaboration with Stephen Porter, would become the inspiration for a medical adaptation heater that is the genesis for ARCHEMEDIC SOLUTIONS, LLC.

Another determining factor has been the relationship that Ryan Bros. Coffee (Harry's family business) has with military personnel. In particular, the Balboa Naval Hospital. It is from the suggestions and direct field experience of Navy Medical personnel that this blood warming device was identified as an urgent need and a solution sought.

ArcheMedic Solutions LLC in collaboration with Naval Medical Center San Diego, aka Balboa Naval Hospital, is passionate and dedicated to ensure that the lives of the U.S. Military Troops can be saved on the battlefield. 

We are excited about saving lives on the frontlines by producing a reliable and durable blood warming device for transfusions and blood loss mitigation. We feel this is just only a fraction of what we can offer to all those who give their lives for our freedom. Nothing is more important to us than to see our men and women return home to their families.

Meet The Team

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